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My purpose for Bomē is simple. We don’t need more things, we need things that mean more to us.

I created the Button Skirt because I wanted a skirt that could be worn hundreds of ways for hundreds of days. Easy to wash, easy to wear. Dress it up, dress it down. Lay in it, play in it. Wear it to work, throw it on to pick up groceries. I wanted a skirt that did it all and made me look damn good doing it. A skirt I could count on so when I traveled, I could pack lightly and when I didn’t know what to wear, I always had something.

I believe all women deserve that luxury. So I made the Button Skirt for many shapes in a fabric that’s truly wearable with buttons straight up the front so we can change it up and make it our own.

As a customer of Bomē, I hope you wear the Button Skirt for days on end so it creases, folds and hugs to your beautiful curves, even gathers a little dirt, so when you put it on it fits like a glove and feels like home.

My hope is that Bomē helps you see yourself. See what makes you so specially beautiful. You and all your uniqueness. You and all your differences. I hope when you wear the Button Skirt, it’s the last thing anyone notices because they’re so caught up by a woman who knows herself, sees herself and loves herself.

What a gift it is to be seen for who we are. To be loved for who we are. My wish is that we spend our time creating a woman we’re proud of so the gift of love for ourselves comes from within. My wish is for you to see yourself not for what you aren’t but for all the things you are. For to love ourselves is true freedom and to be free is to be alive.

Life is short. Don’t take it too seriously. Go run, go play, follow your dreams. I tell you this as a woman who finally found the guts to follow her own. We are all on this journey. Go easy on yourself. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Don’t spend more energy picking out an outfit than nurturing what’s on the inside. Take chances not orders. Define your own beauty, don’t let the stereotypes do it. Follow your dreams not a template.

Live your life. Do the thing that sounds, feels and looks crazy. Find the courage to live a life you’re proud of and start by appreciating the woman you are today. For in that love, she will thrive and surprise you in ways you never imagined. And if Bomē is along for even a part of that ride then I could not be more honored.

With love,

Chelsey Korman
Founder & Designer