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We don't need more things, we need things that mean more to us. 


Bomē is made entirely of fine cotton canvas, a durable material that hugs in all the right places and feels good on your body, and is stitched for strength. The skirt and material are made to be washed and worn for years because it is my belief that all clothes should be.

Sustainable means when you purchase a Bomē garment, you're investing in your closet and yourself, with a piece that will last you a very long time. 


Bomē is made from natural cotton canvas and organic buttons. We do not use synthetics in our skirts except in our interior thread for strength so the skirts hug you right and last longer. All our shipping and packaging materials are recyclable, reusable and plastic-free. We produce small batches of our designs with mindful, limited runs and our garments are sewn here in the USA by a woman-run shop. 


I believe in fair, living wages, in safe work environments, and that the clothes you wear proudly should be made by proud, valued employees. Our garments are designed in Austin, Texas, by a woman-owned shop and sewn in Los Angeles, California by a women-owned shop.